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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Child Advocacy Center (CAC)?

A Child Advocacy Center (CAC), like The Center for Safe & Healthy Children, is a safe place for children to share their story in their own words with a team of experts who will listen to them, protect them, and help them heal.
CACs offer therapy and medical exams, plus courtroom preparation, victim advocacy, case management, and other services. This is called the multidisciplinary team (MDT) response and is a core part of the work of CACs. 

What is The Center for Safe & Healthy Children?

The Center for Safe & Healthy Children is the Child Advocacy Center for Hancock County. The Center provides a safe and caring place that is used by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who investigate and guide children along with their families through the healing and legal process.

Who is part of The Center's multidisciplinary team (MDT)?

Along with The Center, the MDT consists of Hancock County Children Services, Findlay Police Department, Hancock County Sheriff's Office, Blanchard Valley Hospital, Family Resource Center, Prosecutor's Office, Victim's Assistance, Findlay City Schools.

How many children does The Center for Safe & Healthy Children serve?

In 2019, The Center received 181 child referrals for services and conducted 137 forensic interviews.

Does The Center for Safe & Healthy Children charge a fee?

No, The Center does not charge a fee for the services offered.

Do children reside at The Center for Safe & Healthy Children?

No - children come to The Center for services but do not reside here overnight.

Can I watch my child's interview?

No - only the professionals directly involved in the investigation are allowed to observe the interview.

Where is The Center for Safe & Healthy Children located?

The Center for Safe & Healthy Children is located at 201 Merriweather Drive Findlay, OH 45840.

Who do I call if I suspect that a child is being abused?

For all emergency situations, please call 911 immediately. In a non-emergency situation, please contact your local public children services agency. In Hancock County, Children's Protective Services can be reached at 419-424-7022. If you are unsure who to contact, you can call 855-O-H-CHILD (855-642-4453), an automated telephone directory that will directly link you to a child welfare or law enforcement office in your county.

How can I get involved with The Center for Safe & Healthy Children?

For more information on how to donate to The Center, please visit our "Donate" page.

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